Tom Griffith

Co-founder of Emma & Tom's

Tom Griffith has been friends with his business partner Emma Welsh for more than 40 years. After successful careers in both Melbourne and London – Tom as a CFO and corporate advisor with a background in finance, and Emma working in commodities and food manufacturing, before running the consumer marketing division at the NAB – the two used their accumulated savings to fulfil an all-encompassing desire: to bring Australians super premium whole fruit smoothies. 

Emma & Tom's was born and in the 15 years since its launch it has grown to sell a range of whole fruit juices, quenchers, sparkling juices, iced teas, no-added-sugar flavoured milk and snack bars through more than 6000 Australian outlets. Export markets include China, Jordan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.  

Emma & Tom's brand philosophy, ‘Look After Yourself’, runs throughout the business, an ethos they’re passionate about because they believe people are happier when they are healthy and if you eat well, you stay well! 

Tom is also a non-executive director of independent Australian investment bank Record Point and an investor/advisor to technology innovator GAP Technology.

Tom Griffith