Business. Relaxation. Clarity

Sometimes, a step back is all you need to stride forward.

Led by the expert in profit & growth, Zac de Silva, this event is uniquely designed with the Australasian business community in mind. It's curated for those leaders who are seeking personal development, well-being, and real-world inspiration from their peers who've faced business challenges head-on and emerged triumphant.

Nurture Change was sparked by Zac's desire to provide his clients with a unique blend of inspiration, relaxation, and networking, a step away from their daily grind.

His suggestion of a productivity-boosting holiday in Fiji struck a chord with his clients, quickly transforming into a full-blown business retreat concept. Now, nine years down the line, Nurture Change has positively influenced over a thousand business leaders.

With the goal of supporting business leaders to focus not just on enhancing their business acumen but also on improving their health and wellness, Zac and Sip have put together a five-day event that embraces both facets.

Later, the Nurture Group expanded with the addition of Tami and Paul Roos, as well as Libby and Justin Babet. Drawing on their expertise, we launched two new initiatives, Nurture Her, a women-centric event, and Nurture 360, a retreat tailored specifically for Australian business owners.

This is an invite to you, the enterprising business owners of Australasia, to be part of this transformative journey. Come, join us!

Introducing Our Team

The Nurture Group proudly presents Nurture Change, powered by a dedicated team of experienced business leaders. With a deep understanding of the intricacies and hurdles involved in running a business, our team shares an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals in their pursuit of a fulfilling and joyful life.

Paul Roos


Paul Roos needs no introduction for the millions of Australians who follow AFL - a legendary career saw Paul achieve success as both a player and coach.